dirmp3 V.21.05      

With the development of the Internet, the possibilities of music lovers have also changed.
A commonly known source is Youtube and in addition there are a number of Internet radios.
There it looks like a station or channel, for example, Frank Sinatra is broadcasting all day his songs.
These are broadcast in .mp3 format and there are programs which can seamlessly store everything on your computer.

I choose certain songs and create my own music CD for a regular player.
It is elegant to put a photo of the singer and a description on paper in a plastic package.

The playlist needed for the paper insert on the back of the envelope can be obtained with the program.

To the folder where you have the .mp3 files that you want to burn or that you already have burned, copy my program.
Then click the program and in the folder a new dirmp3.txt file will appear
and there's what I did manually before and what I need on the paper insert on the back of the CD case.

Now all you have to do is use a regular command in an open Notepad CTRL-A and CTRL-C .
In the program that makes your insert on the back again CRTL-V . And it is done ...

This page is not intended to replace the program manual. Extensive manual can be found in the .ZIP package along with the program.

The program is freeware. However, the author reserves the right to decide where he will be program saved for download.
If you plan to save the download to another server, please inform the author.

Mailto:Ing. Branislav Štofko



You can find the English version too at slunecnice.cz where there is a choice of language.

Contents of the .ZIP file