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The program allows you to generate and print at home Pexeso with your own photos virtually free. All you need is a printer, photos and your own ideas to have a memory game that can't be bought. At the beginning you can print the Pexeso containing capital letters that is in the distribution package. Something like this You will also be offered various companies for 20 Euros. Then you can invent. I tried Pexeso with photos of movie actors as adult entertainment.

Playing cards can have various symbols. Each symbol is paired, so there are always two cards with the same symbol. During the game, the cards are face down. Each player turns two cards in one round. If they have the same symbol, the player discards them and continues to turn over the other two. If they are not the same, the player turns them back and the next player continues.

When all matching symbols are found and therefore all cards are turned over, the player with the most discarded cards (found the most matching pairs) wins.

If you have grandchildren in preschool age, they can learn the alphabet through this game, so when a granddaughter turns over a card with a letter, she should announce its name.

In the distribution package are two A4 pages with letters that need to be opened in a web browser and printed twice so that each letter and letter F has its own pair. There will be a total of 64, but that's enough.

Click on the image below to open a page from which you can print immediately.


The game is for all children who are fascinated by the world of letters. It doesn't matter if they are little kindergarteners or big schoolchildren who already know all the letters.

Experienced users can create a "custom Pexeso" with my Pexeso.exe program. Creating a .html page and printing it on coarser A4 paper called school and drawing is very easy.

It is more difficult to find suitable photos. Here you have room for creativity. One option would be to introduce the children to your large family. The number of photos is not limited and may not be the exact number. Pexeso.exe always places 16 photos on one A4 page.

Other side of the card (optional)

In the case when you make two sets of Pexes for children, for example, with different themes, there's a problem if you mix the cards up. This can be solved as it should professionally made PEXESO, i.e. the "back" of the card that the players they see is not uniformly white, but has a picture.

The new version of the program can also place a short text below the image. As an example I give the flags of the states, which is a rewarding topic for both children and adults. How to do this and where to get nice flag pictures is described in the manual.

You can also download the program on the Czech site slunecnice.cz. There, click on the text
"chci si vybrat jiné parametry" and then choose language.

The latest version of the program is always on the slunecnice.cz server.



Some portals don't keep up with my pace :-) Please make sure you have the latest version of the program. The distribution file has a name HomePexeso_22_01_EN.zip

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