Conversion program csv2vcf V.17.01      

Today, there are cheap mobile phones that do not have Android operating system, but still they are able to carry out operations that were previously not possible. I needed to transfer contacts that I got in the Excel table to such a phone. There were 20 contacts and only 15 of them had also a phone number. I was reluctant to transcribe it manually onto the phone especially considering the threat a typo in a phone number. Therefore, I propose a program that might be useful to everyone.

Follow these procedures:

Mobile phone must have a storage place where its software creates a file with extension .VCF. This output file we transfer via USB cable to the PC. If this is possible, we won, considering that is would be possible to do a reverse process as to import contacts from PC back to the mobile phone.

We create such file later on PC and via a USB cable transfer back to the phone. On my cheap cellphones for 19.10 Euro, it was enough to mark this file and the cellphone asked whether to import the contacts. Do not read any further if this is not possible, my program will not help you.

This is the input file in the .xls shape from which to export data to a CSV file for the program.

This is the result in the form VCF. Darina Palková there are missing because they have not a phone number in the table.

The program is freeware. The author reserves the right to decide where the program will be available for download. If you intend to save the program on a different server, please inform the author.

The program was made to suit author’s needs. If you have ideas how it can be improved, email me please. I myself already thought of an upgrade that may be available in January 2017.

Mailto:Ing. Branislav Štofko



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